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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the LH Band Alumni Association?

Membership in the LHHS Band Alumni Association is based on meeting the following qualifications:

  • Members must be at least 18 years of age

  • Members either 1) participated in the Lake Highlands High School Band or Colorguard for one or more semesters 2) had a child in the Lake Highlands High School Band for one or more semesters, or 3) taught as a director, private lesson teacher, or general faculty at Lake Highlands HS

How do I join the LH Band Alumni Association?
To join, please click here to fill out your membership form and submit your membership donation.

What is the difference between the membership tiers?

All membership tiers receive the same access to events, our newsletter, and other communication from LHABC. Qualification for each tier is determined by annual contribution as follows:

  • All-Region Member: $125-$249 annually

  • Area Member: $250-$499 annually

  • All-State Member: $500-$999 annually

  • Directors' Circle: $1,000 + annually

What do membership costs go to?

All members will be recognized as "Alumni Members" of the Lake Highlands Area Band Club ("LHABC"). Your membership contributions and other donations go to the LHABC, and these will directly benefit current LH Band students. All payments are tax-deductible. Click here for more data on the current enrollment in the Lake Highlands Band Program and the different financial situations within our program.

What events does the group host?

The alumni association aims to host at least three events per calendar year. These events will include a performance with the LHHS Marching Band at a football game, a side-by-side performance at our Winter and Spring Concerts, other alumni-only social gatherings, as well as invitations to other LHHS Band Events.

Can I choose to not be included on the membership roster?

Sure. Just check check the box next to "Please do not include my name on the LHHS Band Alumni Roster" when you fill out your membership form.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Sure. Just check check the box next to "Please leave my membership donation anonymous" when you fill out your membership form. If you prefer your donation to be anonymous but would like to be listed on the LH Band Alumni Roster, we will list your name without the tier designated by your donation.

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